Sky TV – Giving You Extra – Plus?

It seems that SKY are at it again with changes to their TV pack and ripping off their loyal customers, under the guise of simplifying their TV subscriptions.

Not content with charging me £25 a month, for a Movie-less and Sport-less TV pack; they have now removed the one thing that made the cost almost bearable; – The Boxsets.

Now to access the Boxsets you have to pay £5 extra to take out something called the ‘Entertainment EXTRA Plus (+) pack’. This pack is in effect a Movie-less and Sport-less HD pack for all of the Entertainment channels, which you receive in the no frills ‘Entertainment Extra’ pack.

So to view all HD content (you need the Extra plus – £5 sub & £5.25 HD sub to watch HD movies and Sport’s!).

Confused? You should be – because SKY’s HD TV pricing policy is a mess at the moment!

Which requires the viewer to have a PHD in economics to get their head around. They claim to be simplifying the packs but now there are 2 HD subs!!!?!

Previously, there was one HD sub of around £10 which was required to watch all content, regardless of whether that pack included Movies or Sports – this subscription was less popular than Jimmy Saville at a Top of The Pops reunion.

Back to the boxsets, SKY have been really sneaky/clever in removing the boxsets and making these part of the plus pack, simply because they were by far the best feature of SKY.

It is difficult to justify stumping up another £5 a month for something I already had, until they turned it off last night – that is.

For me, they have gone too far with this change and I will be downgrading my box to freeview only tomorrow. (NB. To retain SKY box recording and playback facilities, I would need to still pay them £10 a month and £2.50 sub for only having broadband and telephone!)

This is what SKY think about their longstanding loyal customers; THEY DON’T!

UPDATE – 24 MAY – I read on a forum today that acceptance of the Entertainment Extra Plus subscription pulls the customer back into another years contract!! Don’t remember reading that in the T & C’s!! Thank god I’m leaving after a months notice, fuck SKY!

If I upgrade from entertainment pack, to entertainment + pack, am i committed to a further 12 month contract

Sky: If you were to upgrade your subscription to Entertainment Extra+ then this would re-new your 12 month contract in the process.…/qaq-p/1104

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