Leaving SKY TV – The Painless Way! – Part 1

I phoned up and cancelled Sky TV at the weekend and if you are also thinking of doing this, to save a few pennies. Then read this first and save yourself some pain.

Firstly, I didn’t have a very good experience with their Customer services rep. Who I found to be rather rude and conducted the call in a completely unnecessary passive/aggressive – hard sell manner.

I was surprised by this as I have spoken to their cancellations dept before, when I was fishing for some money off my Sky TV package and they were much nicer then.

This time though, they sensed I wasn’t in the mood to reconsider and a verbal battle ensued.

Infact, I was so annoyed about this treatment, I wrote a complaint email to them about it. I then came across the following Youtube video whilst looking up some forum stuff on bad Sky customer service :

Its quite long at 14 minutes, and despite being quite funny – especially the frustration Alan shows at not being respected or listened to, this vid actually masks a series point.

The treatment Alan receives in this video is an almost carbon copy of mine. That is, despite being told on more than a number of occasions that Alan just wants to ‘…cancel Sky, get rid, end of!’, the Operator seems to be stalling for time by trying to draw him into a conversation about something unrelated to the cancellation process.

In this case, its Alan’s Freeview replacement box which he told the Operator he had bought, to replace his soon to be cancelled Sky box, they hone in on.

Does it record? She keeps asking him. What type is it?

In my case, when I told the Operator I wanted to cancel, due to loosing the Boxsets from On Demand service, (see my recent EE+ post/rant) – it was, can you name all of the Boxsets you watch? WTF ! Really??

It seems to be a classic attempt to disrupt the customers flow and confuse them, especially as it usually follows stalemate or one of your many belated attempts to just say ‘I want to quit’.

So Sky seem to have a definite script or policy to follow when it comes to dealing with a customer intent on quitting. I wouldn’t be surprised if others have had to deal with this trickyness aswell. I’d like to know so leave some feedback.


'I just require you to tell me 47 more times why you want ro leave SKY!'

So, if you are intent on quitting Sky and saving a bob or two, you might benefit from these handy steps :

Tell them you want to quit and explain your reasons to them clearly once. Think carefully about this and if its duento cost – just say ‘its due to cost’ and leave it there

Once they start with the mind fuck, stay calm and don’t be drawn into a debate about anything. Just repeat that you’d just like to quit.

When they state they don’t understand your reasons for leaving – or you haven’t explained them well enough. Re-iterate that you told them at the beginning, your reasons and you won’t be repeating yourself, you just want to quit.

When they state they will have a look at some deals for you, tell them you don’t have time to listen and make something up like ‘you are phoning from work, or a pan is boiling over or – you need a shit desperately!’.

If you follow these simple steps you can make leaving Sky a really painless experience. Or you can do what I did and get drawn into a 25 minute high rate premium / high blood pressure argument, which left me in a bad mood all weekend.

Again I would stress, if your just fishing for a deal its unlikely the walls will come up against you. It only seems to happen when they sense they have lost you.

Of course, its completely un-necessary to put your cancelling customers through the wars like this and Sky are by no means the only guilty one for this; (B.T. , British Gas and Smallworld Media are all guilty as charged) – but Sky are guilty, nonetheless.

And for me, it has backfired on them as I am also cancelling my other services (broadband and phone) – once my contract is up, unfortunately – due to being so hacked off at their treatment of me.

Tomorrow, I will look at what happens to the Sky box come switch off day, in a months time.

Update – June 2013 – Received a ‘rate your service’ email from SKY for Richard. Tee hee! Shame you can’t mark lower than ‘low’. Oh well! ‘Low’ it is.

Remember, believe there’s Better THAN SKY!

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