MOD Release Cumbrian X-Files

An article on the News And Star website confirms that the Ministry Of Defence have released Cumbrian based reports from their files from their dedicated UFO telephone hotline.

One, in June 2008 described a man reporting that he had been “living with an alien for some time”, following a sighting of a UFO above his house.

“[He] said he definitely has an alien among him (sic) and that things move around the house,” according to the details logged on the form. “Can we please get back to him and explain what is happening.”

More credibly, one near the Solway Firth – a known hotbed of UFO activity (See Cumberland Spaceman) was witnessed at  Beckfoot – near Silloth, Cumbria. It was described as a “definite UFO” and was seen on 17th December 2007.

It was said to be “elongated and amber in colour before changing to white when it speeded up and ‘became very bright'”.

The Ministry of Defence closed the UFO hotline in 2009, saying they had no evidence of a potential threat from UFOs in the 50 years it had been previously operating – shame.

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