New Old Doctor Who! + Lakeland Themed Merchandise


This weekend we got a first peak at David Bradley’s version of Doctor Who no. 1 – William Hartnell.

Bradley (who played the caretaker in Harry Potter) is playing the character as a drama about the beginning of the shows run in 1963.

The drama is being produced for the shows November 50th anniversary and regular Who contributor – Mark Gattis has written it.

Bradley uncannily like Hartnell and is something of a hark back to 1983′s – 20th Anniversary when a different actor; Richard Hurndall played Doctor Who no. 1 in The Five Doctors – (due to original actor William Hartnell’s demise 8 years previous).


More Grandad We Love You Than Carry On Sergeant Major

Bradley definately looks more Hartnell than Hurndall did. Who didn’t really have Hartnell’s almost morose frown, looking more like a kindly old Grandad type.

Check out my Classic Doctor Who site for the full history.

Footnote – Wondered how you will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who this November?

Fear not as locally based Windermere kitchen firm – ‘Lakeland’, will be producing some official 50th anniversary Doctor Who merchandise – over the next couple of months.

The Beeb approved range will include Dalek mugs, cake stands, TARDIS-shaped teapots, ice cube trays, cupcake kits, etc.

A spokesman from Windermere-based Lakeland told the News and Star newspaper said : “As his 50th anniversary approaches, Doctor Who is more celebrated than ever, and here at Lakeland we’re extremely excited to present a new range.”

Just the thing to see in the 50th anniversary, drinking from a dalek cup and poured from a tardis teapot, complete with themed cupcake.

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