Cancelling SKY Broadband With Every Fibre – Part 3

It seems that the complicated days of changing broadband providers is thankfully behind us.

Thanks to OFCOM who insisted that the whole sorry saga of requiring a 12 digit MAC code to unlock your phoneline to a new provider, be scrapped.

Which leads me back to THAT company always pruporting to give their customers extra – SKY.

Being a non-SKY TV subscriber (Broadband & Phone only!) and with a Broadband contract winding down, I sounded them out about whether they would offer me a deal on upgrading to Fibre Broadband ( 6 months half price as per their website). “No!” was the simple answer, as I am not a TV subscriber – “You’ll have to sign a new 12 month TV contract!”.

Fair enough I thought, but to be sure I phoned again a few days later, same answer. To be doubly sure I went on their Live Chat and asked Mario the same question. “No Mr Spaceman, you cannot have a Broadband deal as you don’t have SKY TV. You will have to pay full price.”

So with this straight consistant message in my head, I waited another month to align my 31 day notice to the final 31 days of my contract and phoned their Broadband cancellations dept, so I could shop around.

“No, you don’t need to give notice for Broadband and phone as a non-SKY TV customer, just go sign up to your new provider and it all happens in the switchover, no MAC code required!”. Sounded simple, I thought!

“Why are you leaving?” the operator asked, “I want to be free to take up a Fibre Broadband deal of my choosing, seeing as SKY won’t offer me one as I don’t have SKY TV!” I replied.

“No! Thats not right – you’ve been mis-informed, as a loyal customer we could offer you Fibre for only £3 a month more (£13 a month + 14.50 line rental) than your paying now for standard Broadband!”.

It was tempting but I refused it out of principle, stating I shouldn’t have to threaten to leave to get a deal when I was previously told on 3 other occaisions I could not physically have such a deal.

"....the moral of this story folks, is.....SKY tell lies.....SIMPLES!"

“….the moral of this story folks, is…..SKY tell lies…..SIMPLES!”

Despite there bandying around the term ‘loyal customer’ they definitely don’t make you feel like one.

See my previous post on the whole sorry saga around Entertainment Extra plus subscription which made me cancel the TV subs.

If SKY were just a little bit more forthcoming when you are still with them, rather than when you are threatening to leave they might just retain a few more customers who might themselves ‘believe in better’.

Likewise, disgruntled long term SKY customers, who don’t go fishing for cancellation deals would feel less forgotten about – as a result.

For the sake of knocking a few quid off of your package (with price rises and non-TV subs charged every it’s not like SKY are really losing out!), the customer goes away believing they got a deal and invariably SKY get another years contract signed. Surely its a win-win!

BT Infinity asshole!

BT Infinity asshole!

What next though? Well TALK TALK are offering a decently priced TV, Fibre Broadband and Phone package for just over £30 quid. And BT have a decent offer or two on their BT INFINITY.

Much cheaper than SKY’s basic pack but isn’t it really just ditching one evil mega corp for another? Better the devil you know? Difficult to tell.

Remember, believe There’s Better THAN SKY!

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