The Bigfoot Files Series – Channel 4

The new series on Channel 4 – ‘The Bigfoot Files’ series opener took us on the usual Bigfoot fare.

A few trips around the world, a bunch of vague sightings, interviews and plenty of other things filling the hour; (like climbing Everest!).

Sometimes, these programmes make you wonder if the presenter has just managed to persuade the channel to cough up a few thousand for a bit of round the world sight-seeing.

Indeed, Discovery Channel’s Finding Bigfoot provided plenty of this pointless backwater American landscape touring, on the hunt for the ‘very’ illusive Bigfoot. It was more ‘pseudo’ than actual ‘science’.


This is where Bigfoot Files – after some nice scenery, brought the science back with some actual DNA results – of sorts!

They DNA tests on two different hair samples taken 8000 miles apart in the Himalaya’s and came to the conclusion it was some kind of brown/polar bear hybrid.

It was surprising – as much as probably the most logical answer to the Yeti mystery – rather than 8 foot tall apemen running around the alps, killing Sherpa’s and Yak’s.

Aswell as the DNA results, they also did an attempt to link the Shipton footprint photo (see above) to a bear ‘doublestep’ print, by testing the gaite of a real Brown bear – creating a very similar looking footcast.

Finally, they mentioned that some recently re-translated ancient Himalayan texts about Yeti’s actually referred to them as – “bears” and not “men”.

More next week, including a very Finding Bigfoot field trip, running around an American forest, blaming every noise on a Squatch.

‘Bigfoot Files’ is on Sunday’s on Channel 4 at 8pm.

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