PS4 – Is it the one 4 you?

So is the next-gen of home gaming consoles worth jumping on the bandwagon for –  yet?

How does it compare with X-box One? Or should you just stick with that trusty old PS3, and wait until PS4 comes down in price? Or until more games are released?

So many questions!!

Find out here in Spaceman’s new review.

About The Spaceman

The Spaceman is a resident of Carlisle, Cumbria, UK on the doorstep of the one of the greatest modern UFO mysteries of the 20th Century and the beautiful Lake District. The Spaceman's favoured area's are TV, Movies, Retro Games mainly Sci Fi and gadgets. The Spaceman is an amateur UFO buff but is also interested in local issues and digital video editing. Facebook:spacemancentral Twitter:Cumblndspaceman

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