.go.uk to a .com? Yes…..

cumberlandspaceman.co.uk has moved domains to spacemancentral.com and all future updates will be from here.

Please bear with me whilst I move over all of the content and ensure all of the new redirects and links are in place. But why move from a pretty established .co.uk to a .com?

Well the old established domain angle is covered as .co.uk’s job now, is to sit there quiet and fire over traffic to the new .com and pass on its google ranks to the new domain too.

From the searching aspect, I’m not 100% sure myself really. .com’s allegedly bring in more world traffic, especially American.

In theory, if a surfer goes to Google.com and picks American sites ‘only’ – it will filter out most of the foreign web addresses –  including .co uk among others. Same with google.co.uk – choosing uk traffic -only, most of the American based .com’s are then filtered out.

So thats something, but as I get more American traffic (according to Google Analytics) – than UK. So it clearly isn’t that black and white. So why might this be?

Well some foreign based people do search for foreign web addresses – obviously. But I think the real reason is down to the type of searching our American cousins are doing.

For instance, Doctor Who has gotten really popular in America and with that comes a online fan market. Most of the best Who sites are uk based. My own Doctor Who site – itself just changed to a .com and also currently gets over 70% American traffic through the .co.uk.

Of course, there are many newer variety’s out there :- .net, .org .co and even .xxx for the particular browsing experience!!

For me, most people, by memory – still auto type ‘.com’ suffix when trying to remember a web address from memory. Its still the most popular (and original) – domain suffix on the net – (for what keywords haven’t already been bought up) –  and thats good enough for me.

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The Spaceman is a resident of Carlisle, Cumbria, UK on the doorstep of the one of the greatest modern UFO mysteries of the 20th Century and the beautiful Lake District. The Spaceman's favoured area's are TV, Movies, Retro Games mainly Sci Fi and gadgets. The Spaceman is an amateur UFO buff but is also interested in local issues and digital video editing. Email:spaceman@spacemancentral.com Facebook:spacemancentral Twitter:Cumblndspaceman

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