Its Good To Talk Talk About Ditching Sky! – Part 4

And so it was, that after a few months of dawdling. I finally escaped SKY for good, by taking out a new Broadband product.

There was nothing really wrong with SKY Broadband – (my remaining SKY product). It was reliable – mostly, it hardly ever went down and was pretty stable – speed wise; if a bit slow due to my own areas distance from the exchange.

But after the debacle of cancelling SKY TV, my attempt to remove the landline package and also the endless lies over the offers – it left a bitter taste; and I was left with the imitable truth of – did I really want to keep paying money to a company, which had caused me so many personal ills?

I didn’t – but the irony is, you very well usually swap one devil – for another. SKY, BT, VIRGIN etc. They all promise the world and everything is tickety-boo until you have a problem and the shutters come down.

TALK TALK caught my eye again. All year, they have been offering this-that-and-the-other on TV, Broadband,Phone deals. A few years back, most customers voted with their feet and left them. TALK TALK seemingly have improved, more recently and they are highly regarded again.

Cable isn’t an option in this area, so I decided to give TALK TALK Fibre Broadband a whirl. I didn’t need the TV or landline deal, as the old SKY HD box still records freeview and a landline phone is not required. For more on freeviewing a Sky TV box, click here.

The cost was neglible aswell, as I was already paying £24.90 – a month (£10 Broadband, £14.90 line rental) – for 1mb (out of contract) – SKY ADSL. More bizarrely, they were charging a £2.50 non-TV-subs fee. TALK TALK Fibre was £3 a month more and x 30 mb times the speed – go figure!!

So Openreach came and installed TALKTALK Broadband and it works a treat, no issues yet and I hope it stays that way. But what of SKY? Well, allegedly moving Broadband to a new provider ends your previous broadband account – now that the MAC Code business has been abolished.

As its Sky though, I made sure I cancelled the SKY Direct Debit, they will have to send a final paper bill. As you are always paying a month in advance and they aren’t getting any more money – which they aren’t due.

SKY’s monopoly is being slowly chipped away by BT Sports, Luvfilm and Netflix, as people drift away to better value alternatives. Sky seemed to increase in price every few months, it just got untenable.

Maybe a bit more competition will make them look again at their pricing structure.

As for me, would I ever go back to SKY? In a word – never and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, not for all of the M&S Vouchers in the world.

Remember, believe There’s Better THAN SKY!

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