Sky – Please Release Me, Let Me Go! – Part 5

It seems I was too quick to lament the joys of finally getting shot of Sky for good – in my previous to last post.

They have now contacted me, stating – that my services have not infact been cancelled and apparently I now owe them a broadband payment for February. This is even though I have had a new Broadband service in place since mid-January.

They are not getting any more money, I cancelled the direct debit. Someone else will have to pay Harrison Ford this month.


"How much was the last memorable paycheck from Sky? How much will be the next?"

So this is where Sky come into there own, by throwing as many obstacles in the way of the cancellee as possible.

If you email your cancellation, as per their own terms and conditions. They reply saying they cannot accept an email for “security reasons” and you must ring their premium rate phone number.

Even though, you have to provide your password when logging into Mysky and even if you provide security info in the email.

Nb. In Mysky you can make monetary affecting decisions in Mysky – increase your package or book a Box Office movie but not downgrade or cancel anything – go figure!

If you write them a handwritten cancellation letter, they invariably claim they didn’t receive it, as they really want you on the phone where they high-pressure sales tactic you into staying.

Don’t think for a minute though that ringing their cancellation department and putting up with their lies, drivel and shit will do the trick. Because they then either ignore or “lose” your request to cancel altogether.

My own folly was to (correctly as I thought) – phone them up 31 days before my broadband contract was up and offer my notice.

They told me once my contract was up that I could just goto a new provider and transfer of Broadband signalled closure of the account. I also requested my MAC Code.

They said I didn’t need one to switch, as switching to another provider on the BT line would just go through. If this is not the case then it was pretty convincing lying, their terms and conditions dont make it any clear :
“You can cancel subscriptions and services by giving 31……No!……10…….No!….. 7 days notice…….!”.


This man is the devil, Sky Customer Service Agents are his red nut spawn!

So its yet another trip through the complaints process to try and fix their little delightful mess. Ofcom should really get a grip on these jokers.

Oh wait! They have! The Telegraph Newspaper ran a story on the difficulties of cancelling Sky and were unindated with 100’s of separate complaints, from ex and (forcibly) still present Sky Customers.

So many infact, that they forwarded a dossier to Ofcom who have promised to investigate. Lets hope they slap Murdoch’s horrible little empire with a huge fine for good measure.

What a bunch of theiving lying scum. If you work for Sky Customer Services then you’d be better working in a much more respectable trade; such as a Loan Shark, Human Trafficker or godforbid – Traffic Warden….

Remember, always believe There’s Better THAN SKY!

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