Deadlock – Or 8 Week Lapse Is The Sky’s Limit! – Part 6

Some famous philospher once said, “good things come to those who wait!”. Oh wait! That was a Guinness Ad, but still the sentiment should be true. True that is, unless you are a customer (or former customer!) of SKY TV.

Once upon a time there was a complaints procedure, laid out quite simply in plain English on their website. Clearly stating what would happen when you complained, how and when escalation took place and how the Omnibudsmen Service works.

Of course , most of this was complete la-la land and as we all know – Sky don’t give a flying fcuk about their longstanding customers and think even less about their ex-customers.

Of course its not for the want of trying, I myself, are currently upto :

2 x recorded delivery 2 letters.

6 Emails – 4 of which were addressed to the Complaints Department.

1 x fruitless 20 minute phonecall.

And still I haven’t had a response yet, not even a confirmation to my cancellation woes. According to Sky’s own code of conduct, if they cannot help you, your complaint can be escalated. Thats all well and good if you can actually illicit a response out of them.


"Tick followed tock....followed tick followed the Guinness Surfer's Sky complaint was ignored....!"

It would seem this ignore tactic has been long employed by Sky, to just give up dealing with an complainant – in the hope they crawl away and die. There must be some statistics which back up this method, something like “50% of all complainants give up after the second ignored correspondence” – or something like that.

A scan of the OFCOM website turns up very little in helpful resources, you can’t even contact them for help; not really anyway. You can send them “feedback” – which they don’t respond to but log as some kind of “record”. They don’t usually get involved on your behalf (their info is pretty vague but they sometimes do pass on complaints to the business).

So I raised some feedback with OFCOM following the Telegraph Newspaper passing a wadge of Sky complaint queries to OFCOM. This was following an article by their consumer champion and an avalanche of complaints, from their readers.

So OFCOM aren’t much help and I don’t think the Telegraph would act on my behalf. What now? Write another letter or email? Goto the Chief Exec? Have a Guinness?

Well there is another option and its to try Sky’s, (not affiliated but still recommended) Ombudsmen service.

Well my own mistake was to resend the same complaint email again to Sky, with a bit of cut and pasting action. Why, you might ask? Well becuase it will start the 8 week clock tick followed tock – again. And I kind of want Sky to keep ignoring my complaint.

You see, according to Sky’s own code of conduct, if they haven’t responded to you in 8 weeks -or- they send you a “deadlock” letter (basically a sod off note!) then you can approach the Ombudsmen who act “impartially”.

Some other information I was reading, would suggest it costs Sky around £300-500 for every Ombudsmen complaint raised/handled. I can’t find any forum notes about people who have gone through this process and how effective it actually is though.

Naturally, I will report back once I have experienced this Ombudsmen service for myself.

Remember, believe There’s Better THAN SKY!

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