Whatsapp Facebook?

It seems that predicting the demise of Facebook is a national sport these days, with Facebook about to turn 10.

Its not cool anymore, the kids don’t like sharing the social webspace with their parents, its too intrusive, the adverts are pushed on the feeds – too much.

Princeton University researchers used Google search data to predict that Facebook would lose 80% of its users within three years, apparently.

And just as everyone drifts away to less open and high profile alternatives,  Zuckerberg comes up with a masterstroke; he buys up all of the competition.

Facebook have purchased Whatsapp – the no frills pic sharing and replacement to paid text messaging service, for $19 billion (most of this was in FB shares to the Whatsapp makers).

A previous bid for $3 billion was for Snapchat and Facebook picked up
Prior to this acquisition, Facebook picked up Instagram, for $1bn in 2012.

Facebook also reportedly offered $3bn to acquire photo messaging service Snapchat aswel, to add to their sizeable portfolio.

So we can all be assured their world domination will continue and Facebook won’t be disappearing soon. With billions of dollars at their grasp, Facebook will no doubt be a very different thing to what it is now.

Just as it is different to how it was when it launched in 2004, as “The Facebook”.

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