Harold Ramis? E-gon To The Massive Twinkie In The Sky!

A few months ago, I was lamenting the possibility of a Ghostbusters III and all of associated problems of resurrecting a beloved 80’s franchise. Aka – Crystal Skull.

So it was with some surprise turning on the news tonight that they were reporting that Harold Ramis, AKA Egon Spengler has died, aged 69 – from a rare condition known as “autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis” – or a swelling of the blood vessels – apparently


Ramis will always be remembered for his portrayal of lovable nerd; Egon in Ghostbusters 1 & 2.

He was however, an accomplished writer, producer and director in his own right. Who directed many popular films, including :- Groundhog Day, Analyze This & Analyze ThatMultiplicity among others.

Back to Ghostbusters III, it will probably only happen now as a total reboot, without the original cast featured. And although it would have been total whack. Its would have been nice to see them save the day, one more time.

It goes to show you shouldn’t hold off doing anything in life, as one day you won’t be around to keep on busting and then it really is too late.

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