Executive Relief From SKY TV – If You Can Get It! Part 7

In my last posting about my ongoing issues with Sky Customer Services. I covered off the Ombudsmen Route as the next step, if Sky will not deal with your complaint.

This was, pretty much where I had got to with my own complaint. I had received 2 emails from the Complaints Department, which offered no resolution to my own woes.

I either had to wait 8 weeks from the date of submitting my original complaint. Or receive – before this time, a letter of deadlock from Sky confirming that there was nothing further they would do.

As I am impatient and still had another 4 weeks to go, I emailed them again requesting this deadlock letter. I also threatened them with small claims court action. I was fully prepared to go through with it aswell, as I was so hacked off with their arrogant attitude and lack of help after :- 2 letters, 2 phonecalls and 7 emails to try and resolve the issue.

Without thinking much, I copied in the Chief Executive’s email (Jeremy.Darroch@bskyb.com) purely to highlight my disgust at their closed shop approach but also requesting my deadlock letter.


The godly customer excellence team - halleujiah!

Lo and behold and without expecting anything back, I got a reply from a lady in the mystical godly Executive Support /Customer Excellence Team, who was willing not only to listen to me – but was empowered to deal a solution.

If you know anything about Sky’s bloated complaints procedure, then you’ll know that the Executive Support Team are the troubleshooting team below the Chief Exec who are empowered to deal with customer queires properly.

The issue is that you are unlikely to deal with them as they are not part of the Complaints escalation procedure. They are probably just there to deal quickly with the sorts of cases that might potentially embarrass SKY and the Chief Exec. Such as when a complainee gets BBC Watchdog involved.

So, if you want to get access to the real help at Sky, you have to be a bit naughty. You see, in an earlier correspondence I had asked for escalation to this mystical Customer Excellence Team; this was after the first useless reply from the Complaints Team. It was ignored.

But when I had received another useless response, I asked for my deadlock letter to approach the Ombudsmen and copied in the Chief Exec. And this illicited a response.

Looking at the forums, others complainees have complained of contacting Jeremy Darroch’s email and not receiving a reply. I believe this was due to the complainee firing an email off too early in the process.

You see if you want to get a reply, you need to be at the point of going to the Ombudsman – not the beginning. Sky don’t want you approaching the Ombudsman as invariably, the Ombudsman will; a) side with the customer and b) charge Sky a fee for looking into a complaint. (Around £300 depending on who you believe!). So there is much to spur them to contact you at this point.

Above all, be patient and clever – and you can beat them at their own clever game.

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