May The Fourth Be Recognised On The Calendar

Today is May the 4th and the unofficial day of celebration for Star Wars. It was marked in London with a walkaround by C3P0 and RD-D2.

Why May the 4th? Its due simply to the day sounding like “May The Force (May The Fourth) Be With You”.

It doesn’t relate to any other date of anniversary, in the calendar to do with Star Wars. Historically, the films were/are released on 25 May in the States.

Neither is it, an officially recognised date on the calendar – yet. And by yet I mean one day it probably will be.

Surely all those official dates on the calendar spring from some unofficial beginning anyway?

And also by yet – I mean, “Jediism” – as it is now coined, is on the increase as a currently unofficial faith. In the 2012 UK Census, it was the 7th most listed religion which is impressive when you think of this alongside the big 4.

With a new Star Wars film due out next year. Expect May The 4th 2015 celebrations to be rather upscaled.

May The Fourth Be With You

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