50th Anniversary Of The Solway Firth Spaceman!

Today, exactly 50 years ago – a famous photo was taken out on the Solway Firth plains, that became one of the biggest and most endlessly debated taking points in Ufology – ever.

Jim Templeton took his family out, on a hot sunny day – on 23rd May 1964. For a picnic on the saltmarsh, taking with him his trusty pentax camera.

He snapped a few photos of his family and later – sent the snaps to his local chemist, to get them developed. One of the photos, appeared to show a tall white being standing behind Jim’s daughter – watching them. None of the other photos showed this strange phenomena.

Coupled with this, was the report from Project Bluestreak (a rocket testing facility) in Woomera, Austrialia; a few weeks later, of similar looking unauthorised individuals on the rocket launch pad, which aborted a launch attempt and Jim’s bizarre MIB encounter.

The Solway Spaceman case has been hotly debated ever since. You can read more about it here. Including my own investigation.

Happy half century to the Spaceman!

The “Real” Solway Firth Spaceman - By The Spaceman
The “Real”
Solway Firth

Investigations into the Solway Spaceman Photo - By The Spaceman
Into The
Spaceman Photo

Spaceman/Woomera/Blue Streak incident - By The Spaceman
The Spaceman/
Blue Streak incident
The Men In Black Visit Jim Templeton - By The Spaceman
Men In Black
Visit Jim

James Parker (Jim) Templeton Bio - By The Spaceman
Jim Templeton

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