The Living Dead…. At The Lake District!

Another Halloween is nearly upon us this coming Friday and I can’t think I’m actually looking forward to the barrage of expectant children ringing my doorbell – looking for sweets and money.

So to pass the evening, I intend to turn the lights down low and enjoy a few cheesy horror films to pass the evening. One in particular, crossed my radar again after many years in the wilderness.

Anyway – in keeping with promoting my local area, my recommendation for this Halloween would be the bizarre 1974 – improbably named zombie movie; The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue (TLDATMM) (or Let Sleeping Corpses Lie). A weird and unsettling low-budget zombie movie, dubbed from Italian which was filmed in the Lake District in the mid-70s.

It was a big deal in the 70s too, as a friend of my dad remembered that a movie scale production shot here (in the days before anything other than Wildlife docs were filmed) was a vig deal. Alot of locals got walk-on parts and behind the scenes jobs for tradesmen.

They’re coming to get you….Cumbria!

Clearly influenced by the much superior Night Of The Living Dead, TLDATMM takes an almost eternal age to get going and features a bunch of corpses, which are reanimated by experimental cropspraying, on a quaint Lake District town.

It is distinctly memorable for the performance given by movie heavyweight; Arthur Kennedy – of Lawrence Of Arabia fame. It also hilariously features performances by a very clear cast of Italian actors playing “local” Cumbrian villagers.

The title must be a bad translation, as none of this actually takes place, ‘at’ the Manchester Morgue but the dead do ‘come’ from the morgue. It is not a classic by any means but in the spirit of bad horror films, it fits the bill. So the obligatory lights off with TLDATMM on the TV – come this weekend.


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