Terminating The Genisys Of A New Franchise!

The new Terminator Genisys trailer was something of a surprise to me this week.

Not because it looked good or because it was just another reboot in the endless stream of remake/reboots to come out (in a week of big remake releases; Star Wars, Jurrasic World – etc). But because the Terminator Franchise has uncleverly decided to go back to the beginning and terminate it’s own grand legacy.

The Terminator : Genisys trailer, seems to suggest that a new older Arnie bot went back to the point before the original T100 – in Terminator 1 – and terminated it, setting up a new chain of events.


Events then proceed to follow up with a mismash of the first 4 films and Sarah Connor Chronicles. We have an oriental ‘T1000’ – in police uniform, a bizarrely miscast – Kyle Reese; with ‘action flavour of the month’ – Jai Courtney. Game Of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor and Doctor Who’s – Matt Smith (perfect for convoluted timelines then?).


"The makers of Terminator Genisys cannot be bargained with, they can't be reasoned with and they will not stop..... until the franchise is dead!!"

If you’re wondering at this point, what the hell the writers may have been sniffing; then you are not alone. The complete bastardisation of the Terminator Franchise seems to be underway with a new trilogy.

The writers obviously believed that this was the only way to continue the story (despite Sarah Connor Chronicles begging for a big screen send off!). Having wrote themselves into a corner, following the lead-up to judgement day – in parts 1,2 & 3. Similarly the intended followup trilogy, which started and ended with the lone Terminator Salvation ; was also seemingly considered a dead-in-the-water plotline.

This is not an alternate universe reboot, like J.J. Abrahms Star Trek either. Nor is it really a fresh take on the original. Unwisely, the writers have gone and acknowledged and then erased the events of the (best) first two films and in doing so; immediately killed any interest in this film from fans old enough to remember the magic of the Cameron films.

It seems the only quest here, is to put 13 year-old bums on cinema seats. 13-year-olds who won’t be rankled by the inconvienient idea of shared Terminator history, or legacy expunged. Expect a PG-13 rating, with plenty of sterile and souless action.

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