Spaceman 50th – Marks The End Of Year!

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the Solway Spaceman, the 20th century photographic mystery which took place on the windswept Burgh Marsh – in 1964.

The Solway Spaceman mystery continues to endure even after a half-century. From the mysterious photograph scutinised by Kodak to the enigmatic person behind the lens; Jim Templeton.

The famous Photo - 1964.

The famous Photo – 1964.

Add into this, the shadowy men-in-black encounter – following the photo and the bizarre Woomera encounter in Austrialia – on the same day on the other side of the world.

Since I started this website – 4 years ago, by-and-far the most popular section; has been the Solway Spaceman articles. I have received emails from all over the world from curious spectator and from more involved individuals – all sharing their own theories or uncovered research with me.

One of the more interesting discussions I have had, was with Dr David Clarke. The man behind the declassification of alot of Government UFO reports, including information on the Solway Photo and Blue Streak project.

white clad men launch pad woomera blue streak

Some areas have disappointingly, yielded little new information or evidential backup. Yet other uncovered evidence, has uncovered interesting coorberational strands which only fuels the flames further.

I am sure that come the hundreth anniversary in 2064, people will still be investigating and debating the Solway Spaceman mystery. Until that time, we are left with the 50th anniversary – as a year in retrospect.

Merry Xmas From Dave Armitage

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