Here’s To 2015 – Back To The Future Style

Heres to a new year creeping upon us; 2015 infact – and it finally brings around that old joke, about what 2015 actually looks like in relation to that classic time-travel movie Back To The Future II.

In BTTF2 – Marty, Doc, Jennifer and Einstein take the Delelorean forward in time to the fictional town of Hill Valley in California 2015.

Here they see all sorts of bizarre technical innovations. From flying cars, hoverboards, to self drying jackets. It begs the question, how much of 2015 did BTTF2 get right?

Well more than you would believe (flying cars aside) the movie almost creates a prophetic look into our modern lives post-naughties.


A bit of Facetime on the flat screen Smart TV!

Themed Nostalgia bars.

3D Cinema – sort of.

Huge voice activated flat screen “Smart” TV’s with facetime.

Wireless printers in the home (The ‘Your Fired’ fax).

Thumb scanning recognition.

Projected 3D holographic imagery (think film projectors and the next gen of TV and home computer)

Rehydratable food.


Hoverboards are on their way - along with the trainers.

Here is some more stuff inspired by the film :

Hoverboards – they recently have developed a one which runs on a magnetic track.

The trainers – were brought out for a limited release in support of Parkinsons research.

And the rest which hasn’t :

Flying Cars/Hover conversions, Jaws 19, flying signs, Police LCD display hats, free flying hoverboards, robot dog walkers, kerbside LED lighting, self drying jackets and jeans with the pockets turned inside out.

Happy New Year!

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