The Federation Between Doctor Who & Star Trek

star trek tos mirror mirror

Original Star Trek and Doctor Who are 2 completely separate franchises which exist in different universes and couldn’t be further removed from each other. However, both have shared some striking similarities over the years. One might even say that the … Continue reading

All Of Tom Baker’s Episodes Reviewed On Old Doctor Who!

Old Doctor Who have now finished reviewing all of Tom Baker – Fourth Doctor episodes, in the episodes section. It’s odd to think looking back now. That when Tom Baker was confirmed as the Fourth Doctor, to replace outgoing Third … Continue reading

All Of Sylvester McCoy’s Episodes Reviewed On Old Doctor Who!

sylvester mccoy doctor who

My attempt to chronicle every episode of Old Doctor Who is finally bearing fruit on my side project Old Doctor Who. Apart from a scattering of reviews on each Doctor’s review pages. We have now completed all of the Seventh … Continue reading

NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Time Of The Doctor” – S7 – E16/16 – 2013 Xmas Special – (Spoilers!)

After watching this Xmas Who, I had to goto bed and have a lie down- my head hurt, so much. There was so much going on it needed a nights consolidation to try and reassemble it. I suppose the main … Continue reading

BEW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Day Of The Doctor” – S7 – E15/16 – 50th Anniversary Special – (Spoilers!)

Before I begin looking at this I just want to lay something down. Viewers of this special can be largely sorted into 2 camps; those who want to see a nod to the remaining living classic Doctors or those who … Continue reading

NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “An Adventure In Space And Time” & “Night Of The Doctor” – 50th Anniversary Special – (Spoilers!)

If Saturday’s ‘Day Of The Doctor’ – 50th anniversary special fails to live upto the hype, then we will always have tonights BBC 2 drama – ‘An Adventure In Space And Time’ to reach back for. A definite high point … Continue reading