Indiana Jones & The Secret Of The Inca’s

Whilst researching the background for the latest Hawking Bot vid on Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull, I came across a really interesting fact regarding the films that influenced Indy. Lucas & Spielberg acknowledge that the adventure serials of the … Continue reading

CEE-ya (fax) Teletext!

Sad news as good ole Teletext Ceefax service is finally switched off tonight, after 38 years. First broadcast in 1974, with its blocky graphics and simple interface, Teletext was one of those early morning preserves of the terminally insomniac and … Continue reading

Finding Bigfoot On Discovery Channel

I have been loving the bonkers new series on Discovery Finding Bigfoot, it sits somewhere between Most Haunted and Blair Witch Project. It features 4 members of the BFRO (Big Foot Research Organisation) travelling the backwater towns and national parks … Continue reading

Remo – The Adventure Which Never Got Started

When you think of the 1980’s, a plethora of classic movies spring to mind. Robocop, Predator, Blues Brothers, Aliens, Roadhouse, Commando, Rambo – to name but a few. An unlikely pretender to this crown, is a little known Fred Ward … Continue reading

See Venus Transit The Sun

A very rare astronomical event is to happen today/tomorrow with the planet Venus set to move visibly across the face of the Sun in a 6 hour transit. The event is set to happen in the UK around 05:30 (GMT … Continue reading

Build The USS Enterprise? Make It So….!

If all of the high concept designs for future space flight fails to fire your imagination, then you need to have a look at the grand ambitions of ‘BTE Dan’ who is proposing to not just go – but to … Continue reading