Missed Out On An Official Olympic Torch Bearer Role? Just Buy A Used One On Ebay….

Rampant profiteering off of the back of the back of the 2012 Olympics got underway yesterday with the appearance of ‘used’ Olympic torches on Ebay for Thousands of pounds. So far, 30 of the 8,000 runners taking part in the … Continue reading

St George -v- A Bank Holiday Off

Another St Georges Day comes and goes, I for one would be glad of a bank holiday on the day of all things English. We don’t celebrate St Georges Day, not like the Scottish celebrate St Andrews day or the … Continue reading

When A-Team ‘Jumped The Shark!’

The A-Team was one of those defining 80’s shows that came along whilst there wasn’t much exciting on Saturday Teatime TV, for kids. The A-Team featured the adventures of ex-Vietnam Vets on the run : Colonel Hannibal Smith, Mr – … Continue reading

Easter, Religious Artifacts, Turin Shroud & The Holy Thorn Tree

Happy Easter to all and sundry as we celebrate the murder and resurrection of the Lord Almighty’s son – Jesus. Whilst I am not particularly religious, I have always been happy for the time off work and  fascinated by the … Continue reading

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Returns

A new series of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding started on Channel 4, last night. The opener didn’t disappoint, with 2 of the most hideous dresses ever commited to pattern. Spangley, brightly multicoloured, one of them had a huge pineapple … Continue reading

Qualcomm Star Trek Tricorder Prize Unveilled

The Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize has been launched in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show. The challenge is for researchers to build a real life portable Star Trek Tricorder tool, capable of being carried over the shoulder (at 2 … Continue reading