NEW DR WHO REVIEW – “Day Of The Moon” – S6 – E2/14 – (Spoilers!)

This weeks conclusion to – “The Impossible Astronaut”, whilst wrapping up some of the events; didn’t come close to last weeks excellent opener. The Doctor and company are now on the trail of the Silence and have learned that they … Continue reading

Sony Network outage

So, Sony have been party to a massive outage of their online gaming services for the last week and won’t have things up till next week. Apart from the lack of credible info into whats going on most PS gamers … Continue reading

One Is Not Amused At The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding Revolution

I have to say that I am not particularly looking forward to the Royal wedding. If BBC’s brilliant Filthy Cities presented by Dan Snow is anything to go by we should have all rose up against the royalty in anger … Continue reading

NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Impossible Astronaut” – S6 – E1/14 – (Spoilers!)

Last nights opening episode of Dr Who was the darkest yet. Stephen Moffat is taking Who in a more adult direction and this was typified by the new villians, the creepy – “The Silence”. A threat, (cleverly) – you can … Continue reading