Explosive Fallout Of North Korea’s Rhetoric

I see on TV that North Korea’s current war rhetoric continues to escalate. It really can’t be anything more than saber rattling can it? I mean they really wouldn’t stand a chance if they attacked South Korea or American bases … Continue reading

We Are The People And This Is Our Death Star

Last year, the White House (U.S.) launched a Web site – called “We the People”  – where citizens could write online petitions. If the petition gained 25,000 signatures within 30 days of submission, the White House would issue a response. The latest … Continue reading

Olympic Opening Ceremony Corker – And Paul McCartney

The Olympics got off to a flying start with the opening ceremony last night – and Paul McCartney. Which admittedly was very impressive in the end – and Paul McCartney. 24 – 27 million tuned in in the Beeb to … Continue reading

Tax Avoidance Witch Hunt Underway

The establishment loves a good witchhunt, especially when it involves disclosing individuals details and throwing them to the press lions, whether it be phone hacking or super injunction. Latest : Celebrity Tax Avoidance. David Cameron went on TV recently to … Continue reading

Missed Out On An Official Olympic Torch Bearer Role? Just Buy A Used One On Ebay….

Rampant profiteering off of the back of the back of the 2012 Olympics got underway yesterday with the appearance of ‘used’ Olympic torches on Ebay for Thousands of pounds. So far, 30 of the 8,000 runners taking part in the … Continue reading