Chekov Classic Trek Profile? Why That Is A Russian Invention….!

chekov wig oddbod carry screaming star trek tos

Nearly there with the Classic Star Trek profiles. New profile added for Pavel Chekov – played by Walter Koenig, the young 20-something Russian helmsmen. Chekov didn’t join Trek till the second season and would give Kirk a bit of competition … Continue reading

Highly Illogical Captain……?

spock nerve neck pinch

New Classic Star Trek profile on Spock added to the Classic Star Trek section. Looking at all of his relevant original TOS episodes and movie appearances and a little bit about Nimoy. Hope you enjoy this “fascinating” insight…… Click here. … Continue reading

Become A Doctor Who Expert…….

All eight Classic Doctor Who's

Don’t forget peeps to checkout my “Classic” Doctor Who section featuring my take on the first 8 Doctor Who’s : bio’s of the Actors and Doctor Facts and opinion pictures links to relevant Youtube vids. If you haven’t ever gotten … Continue reading