New Star Trek Movie : Red shirts and red herrings!

Watching the recent trailer for Star Trek : Into Darkness got my juices flowing (somewhat) with the promise of a new Star Trek film which will finally begin without having to spend the first hour setting up the characters, situation … Continue reading

Red Dwarf X – Episode 1 – “Trojan”

After the disappointment of 2009’s Back To Earth – mini series, Dave and Doug Naylor go back to the drawing board. Did they deliver with the new series? Well in a word – yes! New Dwarf takes us back to … Continue reading

The Curious Red Eagle has Landed

The Mars probe Curiosity has finally landed safely, after a complex and intricate landing procedure which involved deploying a parachute and then firing retro rockets before being lowered onto the surface. The probe, at 1,982 pounds (the size and weight … Continue reading

Did You Know They Faked The Moon Landings?

One of the more implausible conspiracy theories that bangs around the net and surfaces every few years is the notion that NASA, keen to beat the Soviet’s with a manned mission to the moon faked the whole thing on a … Continue reading

Extremely Large One To Scan The Night Sky!

Construction of the world’s biggest telescope – dubbed the ‘European Extremely Large Telescope’ (E-ELT) has been approved. The telescope, which will be cited atop the Cerro Armazones mountain in Chile’s Atacama Desert, will measure approx 40 metres in its main … Continue reading

See Venus Transit The Sun

A very rare astronomical event is to happen today/tomorrow with the planet Venus set to move visibly across the face of the Sun in a 6 hour transit. The event is set to happen in the UK around 05:30 (GMT … Continue reading

Build The USS Enterprise? Make It So….!

If all of the high concept designs for future space flight fails to fire your imagination, then you need to have a look at the grand ambitions of ‘BTE Dan’ who is proposing to not just go – but to … Continue reading