Sky TV – Giving You Extra – Plus?

It seems that SKY are at it again with changes to their TV pack and ripping off their loyal customers, under the guise of simplifying their TV subscriptions. Not content with charging me £25 a month, for a Movie-less and … Continue reading

Sky Talk Broadband Outages – But Only When It Suits

Being a longstanding Sky Customer can be a mixed affair at the best of times, sometimes they can do you a good turn, movies or HD free for 6 months, a better Broadband deal, etc. At worst, they are guilty … Continue reading

New Solway Viaduct To Provide Road Links & Green Electricity

Plans are afoot to use the old Solway Firth Viaduct to build a new bridge across the Solway to Scotland and also harness the next gen of green electricity. The viaduct which used to be a railbridge and spanned the … Continue reading

The great Galaxy S3 IPhone 4S New Contract Conundrum

My mobile contract is up very soon and as with anyone upgrading their contract, I am looking at the two leading mobile devices at the moment – Samsung Galaxy S3 & IPhone 4S. My mobile provider; Vodafone, have offered me … Continue reading