SOPA, PIPA and Protect IP – Internet Under Threat ?

I read with some intrest the recent row in the States regarding the attempted introduction through Congress of anti-piracy legislation known as ‘SOPA’ (Stop Online Piracy Act) and ‘PIPA’ (the Protect IP Act). In a dramatic twelfth hour climb down … Continue reading

Qualcomm Star Trek Tricorder Prize Unveilled

The Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize has been launched in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show. The challenge is for researchers to build a real life portable Star Trek Tricorder tool, capable of being carried over the shoulder (at 2 … Continue reading

4G Trial Ongoing In Cumbrian Village Of Kaber

rural broadband

I read with interest the current 4G trial going on in the Cumbrian village of Kaber. Residents there have been given a years free access to the 4G signal using dongles and Mi-FI units. Judging by the feedback from residents … Continue reading