‘Classic’ Trek Profile : Scotty

Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott Star Trek TOS

Scotty : 2222 –

Doohan : 3 March, 1920 – 20 July, 2005

“Do you mind a little advice? Starfleet captains are like children. They want everything right now and they want it their way. But the secret is to give them only what they need, not what they want.” Scotty

Montgomery Scott was the equivalent of glue on the Enterprise. The all purpose Mr Fixit Chief Engineer; a straight talking Scot who liked a drink and could turn his hand to any problem. Captain Kirk frequently referred to him as the “miracle worker”. He liked Scotch Whiskey and was handy in a fight, as he quick to upheld the virtue of his favourite lady – The Enterprise.

James Doohan was a Canadian actor / voice specialist, who had served time in WWII, originally joining the Canadian Air Force but later storming Juno beach at Normandy, in the Artillery Regiment. He got badly injured after being shot and had to have his right (middle) finger amputated. After the war ended, he got into radio work due to his unique ability to do accents and impressions. He also starred in many shows of the day, including : Twilight Zone, Man From Uncle and Bonanza.

It was during his Trek audition for Montgomery Scott, that Doohan suggested to Roddenberry that the character should infact be Scottish; as Doohan said, in his experience – “all of the best engineers are Scottish”.

scotty star trek tos where no man has gone before pliotScotty’s character was originally to be one of the “least regulars” as the show was to revolve around Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

He debuted in Where No Man Has Gone Before, 1966 – the original pilot. Scotty wasn’t planned to be a regular in the show. However, his character proved to be so popular with fans – and, as he was Mr Fixit, he offered the writers an invaluable plot tool – to help neatly wrap up a problem or issue in a story.

It was these characteristics that helped the Scotty character get bumped up in importance in season 2-3, as the most prominent character outside of the Kirk/Spock/McCoy “Friendship Axis” in terms of rank and popularity.

Scotty would come up with the technical answers in every episode, tweaking the ship controls or bypassing the anti-matter flow in Engineering, to save the crew (and the ship’s) neck. He had an almost emotional connection to the ship, and he seemed able to “feel” when something on the Enterprise wasn’t working correctly.

“I cannot change the laws of physics! I’ve got to have thirty minutes.” Scotty – Naked Time

Probably more down to budget than anything else, a lot of Scotty’s time was spent in “that tunnel”, which seemed to be the main ship power conduit, anti matter containment and dylithium crystal control.

Scotty, naturally being a proud Scot, was also partial to a drink. His favourite tipple was Scotch Whiskey and he would frequently drink Crew mates, Kelvan’s and Klingon’s under the table. He would invariably scoff at the alien alcohol he was presented with; such as Romulan ale.

He would also personally oversee the transporting down of the landing party, and would on many occaisons save the crew by Transporting them out of danger.

Scotty, Beam us up!

In The Trouble With Tribbles, 1968 -S2, Scotty was quick to lecture Chekov about not being goaded into a barfight with the Klingon’s, only to start it himself when the Klingon’s had insulted – not Captain Kirk (much to Kirk’s personal annoyance!) but the Enterprise itself referring to it as “a garbage scow”.

Scotty: “Well, captain, er, the Klingons called you a tin plated over bearing swaggering dictator with delusions of godhood!”
Capt. Kirk: “Is that all?”
Scotty: “No sir, they also compared you with a Denebian slime devil!”
Capt. Kirk: “I see….”
Scotty: “…And then they said that you were…”
Capt. Kirk: “I get the picture, Scotty”
Scotty: “Yes, sir!”
Capt. Kirk: “….And after they said all this, that’s when you hit the Klingons?”
Scotty: “No, sir!”
Capt. Kirk: “No? ”
Scotty: “No, er, I didn’t. You told us to avoid trouble”
Capt. Kirk: “Oh, yes?”
Scotty: Well, “I didn’t see that it was worth fighting about. After all, we’re big enough to take a few insults, aren’t we?”
Capt. Kirk: “What was it they said that started the fight?”
Scotty: “They called the Enterprise a garbage scow! SIR!”
Capt. Kirk: “I see. And that’s when you hit the Klingon?”
Scotty: “Yes, sir!”
Capt. Kirk: “You hit the Klingons because they insulted the Enterprise, not because they…”
Scotty: “Well, sir, this was a matter of pride!”
Capt. Kirk: All right, Scotty dismissed. Oh, Scotty, you’re restricted to quarters until further notice”
Scotty: “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. That’ll give me a chance to catch up on my technical journals”

Scotty ticked off

Scotty also found a unique solution to the problem of the Tribble’s breeding out of control onboard the Enterprise, by beaming them all over to the nearby Klingon ship, as he told Kirk later :-

“Before they went into warp I beamed the whole kit n’ kaboodle into their engine room, where they’ll be no tribble at all!” Scotty – Trouble With Tribbles

Link – Scotty’s Tribble solution

scotty miracle worker star trek tosIn The Enemy Within, 1966 – S1 Scotty was to affect repairs on the Transporter after it split Captain Kirk into two good and evil duplicates. Scotty had another transporter problem in The Tholian Web, 1968 – S3, as Kirk got caught between dimensions and Scotty was unable to get a clear Transporter lock on him.

Elaan of Troyius, 1968 – S3 and the Enterprise was goaded by a Klingon Battlecruiser into jumping to warpspeed. Luckily they didn’t, as Scotty discovered somebody has tampered with the dilithium crystal chamber, making the Crystal unusable and the ship powerless to attack.

In That Which Survives, 1969 – S3 Scotty had a feeling something was wrong with “his” ship. Sure enough, Scotty discovered an alien entity had tinkered with the matter/antimatter integrator. Scotty quickly repaired the device, before it had a chance to explode.

In The Galileo Seven, 1967 – S1 Scotty was to form part of Spock’s shuttlecraft crew as it went missing and crashed on Taurus II. Scotty was a strong dissentor, along with McCoy in the party over Spock’s cold logic and indifference to the deaths of the other crewmates.

Scotty was to have frequent trips back in time to Twentieth Century Earth in Tomorrow Is Yesterday, 1967 – S1 , Assignment: Earth, 1968 – S2 and Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home, 1986. He would get somewhat confused with some of the “basic” technology he was forced to work with. Including an attempt to vocally communicate with a desktop computer through a mouse control. His futurisitic knowledge was to prove a unique bargaining tool though, as he gave the window company a way to make a super thin (but super tough) plexy glass, which he required to hold two whales in the cargohold of the hijacked Klingon Warship.

Hello, Computer!

scotty captains chait star trek tosScotty was frequently left in charge of the Enterprise as Kirk, Spock and McCoy went on away missions. He was thoughtful and dependable and led by example, coming up against many high-stake incidents involving Scotty having to negotiate his way through diplomatic minefields.

He was a fierce taskmaster who was never scared to berate a crew member who was not on the same page as him. In A Taste of Armageddon, 1967 – S1, Scotty followed Kirk’s orders to the letter refusing to lower the Enterprise shields, even when threatened by the Eminiar’s who had taken Kirk and Spock hostage in a computerised war.

“Diplomats! The best diplomat I know is a fully activated phaser bank!” Scotty – A Taste Of Armageddon

In Journey To Babel, 1967 – S2 Scotty took the helm against an unknown alien ship attacking the Enterprise, as Kirk was injured in a fight and Spock was providing a blood transfusion for his father Sarek. Despite showing obvious Command potential, Scotty never pursued promotion as he stated in Star Trek Next Gen epsiode – Relics, S6 epi 4 that he was always happy being an Engineer.

In The Enterprise Incident, 1968 – S3 Scotty was left in charge of the Enterprise, whilst the rest of the crew hatched a plan of subterfuge against the Romulans to steal a cloaking device. This plan involved pretending Kirk had been killed by Spock and then being surgically altered to look like a Romulan to infiltrate their ship.

“The Enterprise takes no orders, except those of Captain Kirk. And if you make any attempt to board or commandeer the Enterprise, it will be blown to bits along with as many of you as we can take with us.” Scotty – Enterprise Incident

In Whom Gods Destroy, 1969 – S3 Scotty refused to beam aboard shapeshifting Garth Of Izar who was masquerading as Kirk, because he couldn’t answer the security question – a chess move.

Scotty was shot dead by the Nomad probe in The Changeling, 1967 – S2 as it stated that he was “not perfect”. Luckily, the probe thought Kirk was its creator and Kirk ordered Nomad to revive Scotty.

The Doomsday Machine, 1967 – S2 had Scotty in his element as he affected repairs to the severely damaged Federation ship the U.S.S Constellation, which had undergone a skirmish with the giant planet eating Doomsday Machine. Under Kirk’s orders, Scotty rigged up the Constellation to be flown by one crew member from the bridge (Kirk) and self destruct on request. Kirk is left to pilot the Constellation down the Doomsday Machine’s ‘throat’ and destroy it for good.

In the Halloween episode Catspaw, 1967 – S2 Scotty along with Sulu, were transformed into mindless zombie servants by two powerful creatures, who had transformed themselves into a Witch and a Warlock.

Scotty’s diagnosis – Mudd’s women

scotty deadly years star trek tosIn I Mudd, 1967 – S2 Scotty is kidnapped by a group of Androids who want to keep Scotty to help repair and upgrade them. shown the machine shop of his dreams, with every technical gadget and gizmo to hand, Scotty is star struck for a while. But he comes to his senses long enough to realise he is being kept prisoner and along with the other crew confuse the Android’s with deliberate displays of irrational behaviour which causes the Android’s to short circut themselves.

Scotty is overcome by an aging virus in The Deadly Years, 1967 – S2 which affects his ability to oversee Engineering section, aswell as the rest of the crew. They are cured when McCoy come up with an adrenaline tinged antidote.

scotty dagger wolf fold star trek tosScotty rarely if ever took leave, preferring to spend his downtime reading Star Fleet manuals. So when he was involved in an accident abroad the Enterprise and suffered concussion in Wolf In The Fold 1967 – S2, Kirk and McCoy took Scotty to a nightspot on Argelius II to recoup. Scotty took a shine to one of the clubs dancer’s and escorted the lady out of the front door, minutes later a scream is heard and Scotty is found over the dead body claiming amnesia, holding a bloodied knife. Kirk is able to weather the Diplomatic storm and prevents the local authorities from arresting Scotty until the truth can be found. Unfortunately, this results in another woman, (seemingly at Scotty’s hands) being murdered. Scotty seems to be for the chop until Kirk finds evidence that the murderer is infact an entity which can possess people and it is hinted as having been reponsible for the Jack the Ripper murders!

In Immunity Syndrome, 1968 – S2 Scotty is up against a giant Space Amoeba which is draining all of the power from the Enterprise, forcing Scotty to re-calibrate his engines and attempt to escape the Amoeba’s grip.

By Any Other Name, 1968 – S2 had the Enterprise hijacked by an technologically advanced race; the Kelvan’s – who hijack the Enterprise and upgrade Engineering to make a long distance 300 year trip. Scotty plays his part in an attempt to overthrow the Kelvan’s by challenging one to a drinking contest and rendering the Kelvin unconscious.

Scotty drinks an Alien under the table

Bread and Circuses, 1968 – S2 had Scotty save Kirk, Spock and McCoy by bucking the Star Fleet interfering with alien cultures rule, cutting off the power to the Planet 892-IV; a quasi-modern Roman-esque society which had pitted the crew in a gladiatorial fight to the death, live on TV!

Day of the Dove, 1968 – S3 and a malevolent Entity transports a group of Klingon’s aboard the Enterprise and then feeds off of the carnage as the Enterprise crew and the Klingon’s went to war. This was typtified by Scotty himself running around with a Sabre, acting like a highlander, intent on dicing some Klingon chunks and racially abusing Spock, when he got in Scotty’s way.

kirk marvick scotty no truth in beauty star trek tosScotty was to meet the designer of the Enterprise – Larry Marvick, in Is There In Truth No Beauty? 1968 – S2. Who Scotty bets money that he knew his way round the ship better than Marvick. Marvick was insane and sabotaged the Enterprise engines which flung the Enterprise out of the galaxy.

scotty romaine lights zetar star trek tosScotty was to get a little bit of romance come his way in The Lights of Zetar, 1969 – S3 with Lieutenant Mira Romaine. Scotty seems to be so uncharacteristically pre-occupied with Lt. Romaine, that Captain Kirk noted it in his log, as a worry.

[Captain’s log] “….When a man of Scotty’s years falls in love, the loneliness of his life is suddenly revealed to him. His whole heart once throbbed, only to the ship’s engines.” Kirk Log Entry – Lights Of Zetar

His joy is short lived though as an energy storm engulfs the Enterprise and affects Lt. Romaine who is possessed by non-physical entities, the Zetarian’s. Scotty is annoyed as his love is stolen away from him by the Alien’s influence. Acting more than a little irrationally, Scotty is affected by thus turn of events. Kirk is able to save Lt. Romaine by placing her in a pressure chamber, killing the Zetarian influence. Romaine seemingly returns to Memory Alpha, leaving Scotty on the enterprise.

kirk scotty star trek motion pictureLater on in Star Trek – The Motion Picture, 1979, Scott would be busy helping refit the Enterprise when he accompanied Admiral Kirk aboard and was required to help out as the Earth was under threat from the V’ger probe.

In Star Trek II – Wrath Of Khan, 1982 Scotty was back in charge of Engineering, under Captain Spock. He was also overseeing the burgeoning career of many cadets including his nephew – Midshipman Peter Preston, who Scotty was proud of for following in his footsteps.

The ship was called into action against Khan Noonien Singh, who has hijacked the U.S.S Reliant in a personal vendetta against Kirk.

In the ensuing firefight, Engineering section was badly damaged and flooded with radiation. Peter Preston is mortally wounded and dies in Sickbay, Scotty in his grief commends Preston’s actions.

scotty nephew peter preston star trek ii wrath of khan

“He stayed…. at his post …when the other trainees ran!” Scotty – Star Trek II

Scotty is also quick to hold Kirk back from reaching Spock as the compartment housing the warp drive is flooded with radiation telling Kirk (regarding Spock) “He’s dead already!”. Scotty later plays Amazing Grace on the bagpipes at Spock’s funeral.

scotty bagpipes spocks funeral star trek ii wrath of khanIn Star Trek III – Search For Spock, 1984 Scotty was seconded to work on the new high tec transwarp drive, aboard the U.S.S Excelsior in Spacedock. He was also moonlighting on the heavily damaged Enterprise fixing it up for a secret mission to return to Genesis.

Boosting McCoy out of prison the crew pilot the Enterprise out of Spacedock, Scotty helpfully jacks the Spacedock doors open remotely.

The Excelsior gives chase, expecting the damaged Enterprise will not get far. Unknown to the Excelsior crew, Scotty has “plumbed up the drains” and removed vital components from the Transwarp drive which causes the Excelsior to go…….nowhere fast!

“The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.” Scotty – Star Trek III

Stealing The Enterprise

On reaching Genesis, the Enterprise comes under attack from a Klingon Warship which is cloaked near the planet. With the Enterprise unable to fight back and the Klingon’s about to board, Kirk orders the destruct sequence. Scotty has to give his permission and his Engineer code, before the crew beam down to the Genesis, leaving the Klingon boarding party to a fireworks show on board the Enterprise. You could feel Scotty’s pain as he watched his beloved ship burn up over the Genesis atmosphere.

scotty kirk bones genesis star iii search spock

In Star Trek IV Scotty helps Spock calculate the mathematics for a slingshot around the sun, to attempt time travel back to Twentieth Century Earth to go and pick some whales up to appease a giant prove which was destroying earth looking for whales which are extinct in the 23rd century.

[On Klingon Warbird Repairs] “Eight weeks. But you don’t have eight weeks, so I’ll do it for you in two!”” Scotty – Star Trek IV

Upon returning to the 23rd Century, Scotty and the rest of the crew are court martialled; with Kirk being demoted from Admiral to Captain as punishment. Scotty is overjoyed though, when the crew are given the newer Enterprise – “A”.

Scotty Uhura star trek V final frontierAppearances could be deceptive as the new Enterprise A was beset with many problems in Star Trek V – Final Frontier, 1989. Scotty and Uhura were working flat out to get the faults on the Enterprise – “A” fixed, whilst the rest of the crew were on shore leave. He was also beginning an unexpected relationship with Uhura, who was flirting heavily with Scotty.

“USS Enterprise shakedown cruise report. I think this “new” ship was put together by monkeys. Oh, she’s got a fine engine, but half the doors won’t open, and guess whose job it is to make it right?”Scotty on Enterprise A – Star Trek V

The ship is taken over by the Vulcan Sybok on a mission to the centre of the galaxy by brainwashing the crew one by one, most of which Scotty misses as he helps Kirk, Spock and McCoy escape from a Vulcan proof cell and then bang his head on a bulkhead knocking himself unconscious.

In Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country, 1991; Scotty goes on a peace mission with the Klingon’s, only for the Enterprise to be implicated in a plot to kill Klingon Chancellor Gorkon. Scotty checks the Enterprise computers which show that the Enterprise fired on the Klingon ship but after physically checking the torpedo banks, realised that some other ship must have fired the torpedo, someone on the Enterprise had sabotaged the Enterprise data banks. Scotty later discovered an incriminating pair of magnetic boots splashed in Klingon blood.

Finally uncovering a conspiracy involving Star Fleet and Klingon’s, the crew beam down to a peace conference, where Scotty shoots a would-be assassin with a phaser.

scotty retired star trek vii generationsScotty made another brief cameo in Star Trek VII – Generations, 1994 having retired from Star Fleet but returning for the maiden voyage of the newly commissioned Enterprise B. Scotty does his best to avert disaster after the Enterprise is attacked by a giant energy rift – the Nexus but Kirk is seemingly killed as the Enterprise hull is breached.

After these events, Scotty was intending to retire but a transporter mishap had Scotty stuck in a permanent loop until the Next Gen crew of Enterprise D find and release Scotty from the transporter.

For the first time, Scotty is seemingly lost in a world where technology his moved on to the point where Scotty doesn’t understand it anymore.

He spends time in Engineering talking with Geordi La Forge, attempting to learn what new technological advances have taken place in the last 100 years whilst telling La Forge how to best serve his Captain.

Take some advice Geordi

Scotty is disappointed to find out that alcohol isn’t served on Starships any longer, but Data does help him out with a bottle of “green stuff” from Guinan’s personal stash.

Synthehol? Bleuh !!

He also spends sometime in the holodeck on the bridge of a recreated Enterprise, reminiscing about old times with Picard.

scotty picard star trek tng relics

“I may be captain by rank….. but I never wanted to be anything else but an engineer!” Scotty – TNG Relics

Although he does help the Enterprise out of a scrape with a bit of ‘original thinking’.

Scotty’s reward was to be given an “extended loan” of the Enterprise shuttlecraft Goddard and allowed to continue on his adventures in the 24th Century – boldly going.

So Scotty’s story carries on, seemingly and yet in some regards it ended as he finally accepted he was part of a bygone age. From his beginnings as a bit part character
, it would be hard now to imagine Original Star Trek without the Scotty character, as he was as much a fixture, as the Enterprise itself. Much of Scotty’s qualities have to be attributed to Doohan himself, who embodied him with the kind of strength and do and derring that was evident in Doohan’s real life persona.

Doohan died in 2005, after many years of ill health.

That sort of integrity, bold spirit and engineering excellence which came to signify the man and the character was part of the reason some of Doohan’s ashes were sent into space aboard a rocket.