Classic Trek – The Enterprise


Enterprise NCC-1701

Enterprise NCC-1701

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 is a Federation ‘Constitution’ class Flagship which was built in the 23rd century, at the San Francisco Fleet Yards.

Designed by Dr Richard Daystrom and Lawrence Marvick, the original Enterprise served for over 40 years undergoing refits and massive redesigns, it was destroyed over the planet Genesis in 2285, having been self destructed to avoid Klingon capture.

The vessel was launched on 2245 and was commanded by seven captains, including Christoper Pike, James T. Kirk, Willard Decker and Spock. Under Kirk, the Enterprise took part in the original “5 Year Mission”.

The Enterprise had a revolutionary dutronic computer system fitted by Dr Langstrom and powered by an matter/anti matter cochrane warp coil.

The ship was powered by a Dilithium-mediated reactor and could cope well at Warp 6 speed but was capable of Warp 9 (although this was could not be maintained due to critical mass).
The ship carried 40 officers and another 390 crew. Unlike future incarnations, this was a working ship and their were no kresh’s.

Its armaments included 4 Dilithium powered lasers, 4 phaser emitters and a torpedo launcher, For defence the ship carried 3 deflector arrays powered by 5 generators and was capable of being self destructed, in the event of capture. It had three tractor beam assemblies with saved as a backup auxiliary.

The ship had a scanner sensor array, consisting of subspace, lifeform, long range, EM with optical and thermal imaging capability.

The ship had a fully functioning medi sick bay/hospital with 2 labs and 4 fully functioning science laboratories, including : Stellar Cartography, Geology, Biology and Planetary Science.

There were 5 transporter rooms each capable of transporting 5 personnel, with another 4 emergency transporter pads as backup.

The ship had one main cargo hold where 7 shuttles where stored aswell as cargo transporter pads and 40 escape pods.




After its destruction over planet Genesis – in 2285, the Enterprise was rebuild as a more advanced Constitution II ship in 2286 : NCC-1701-A and James T. Kirk was made captain again.

This ship was similar to the NCC-1701 except it was slightly bigger, heavier updated model and could carry more personnel and was comfortably capable of warp 9 speeds. It served for 6 years before being decommisioned in 2291.