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Recent recreation of the Cumberland Spaceman Photo

That famous solway firth spaceman photoThe Solway Firth / Cumberland / Cumbrian / Burgh Marsh / Templeton Spaceman.

Call “it” what you will but this photo has taken a very prominent place in Ufology, for the last 50 years. It has never yet been proved to be a fakery.

What started out as a passing interest has developed into an investigation which has cumulated in this website. What strikes me about all of the Spaceman related articles on the internet, is how samey they all are. Hopefully, this site cuts through alot of that BS and looks at the incident – as it happened.

Presented below are all of the Spaceman articles which I hope you will find fascinating and interesting.

Dave Armitage

The Articles

Recent recreation of the Cumberland Spaceman Photo
The “Real”
Solway Firth

solway spaceman shaded
Into The

bluestreak woomera launch 5 June 1964 lens flare camera
The Spaceman/
Woomera/ Blue
Streak incident
men in black mib spaceman photo marsh
Men In
Black Visit
Jim Templeton

James Parker Templeton
Jim Templeton