Hawking Bot : Alien Resurrection – 1997 Review

Hawking Bot movie reviews - classics, remakes and rehashes.

Hawking Bot ponders the question of Alien life, life beyond the Alien franchise with a look at Alien Resurrection. How did we get to Alien Resurrection after Alien 3? More importantly, how did Winona Ryder get a starring role in … Continue reading

Extremely Large One To Scan The Night Sky!

Construction of the world’s biggest telescope – dubbed the ‘European Extremely Large Telescope’ (E-ELT) has been approved. The telescope, which will be cited atop the Cerro Armazones mountain in Chile’s Atacama Desert, will measure approx 40 metres in its main … Continue reading

Prometheus : Born From The Development Fiori Of Alien 3

With new Alien film –Prometheus making its UK premiere in T minus 1 month, it is hoped that it will be the shot in the arm the Alien franchise needs to pick itself up and carry on. The franchise, at … Continue reading