NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Power Of Three” – S7 – E4/16 – (Spoilers!)

Tonight’s penultimate Who centred mainly around the Doctor’s relationship with Roramy, set against a backdrop of an Earthly invasion of cubes. Featured again was Rory’s Dad – Brian, brilliantly played by Mark Williams. Also featured was UNIT task force, with … Continue reading

NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “Asylum Of The Daleks” – S7 – E1/16 – (Spoilers!)

The new series of Doctor Who came back with a bang featuring the least favourite enemy of Stephen Moffat – The Dalek’s. The Dalek’s summoned the Doctor and Roramy by teleport, using their army of partially converted cadavers. Planet Skaro … Continue reading

More Doctor Who Series 7 Rumours/Spoilers

Details on the new series of Doctor Who are rather sketchy and surrounded by innuendo and rumour. So far, what has been confirmed is : Episode One : Many Dalek’s story Synopsis : Doctor Who encounters loads of Dalek’s from … Continue reading

When A-Team ‘Jumped The Shark!’

The A-Team was one of those defining 80’s shows that came along whilst there wasn’t much exciting on Saturday Teatime TV, for kids. The A-Team featured the adventures of ex-Vietnam Vets on the run : Colonel Hannibal Smith, Mr – … Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 7 Filming Begins

The cast and crew of Doctor Who will be converging their time streams on Cardiff tomorrow (20th Feb) as filming of the new series of Doctor Who gets underway. Typically, everyone is remaining tight lipped about what series 7 will … Continue reading