NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “Listen” – S8 – E4/13 – (Spoilers!)

After last week’s appalling Robot Of Sherwood, Who went and pulled it out of the bag with the best episode of season 8 – so far (and the most terrifying) with – Listen. After some deduced reasoning, about how creatures … Continue reading

NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “Cold War” – S7 – 9/16 – (Spoilers!)

This week Who got kinda back on form with a claustrophobic hide and seek on a seabed crippled Russian Nuke carrying submarine. The title had a double meaning – set in 1983, during the height of the Cold War between … Continue reading

50th Anniversary Of The Genesis Of Doctor Who

BBC are currently producing a drama about the beginnings of Doctor Who entitled ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’, as part of a tribute to the 50th anniversary. Most interestingly, actor David Bradley (Filch – the Hogwarts caretaker from Harry … Continue reading

Titanic 100th Anniversary

The 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic came and went yesterday (15 April). With James Cameron’s Titanic movie pointlessly bastardized into 3D at the Cinema, a new lower (than low) budget ITV drama and re-repeats of every … Continue reading