NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “Under The Lake” & “Before The Flood” – S9 – E3&4/13 (Spoilers)

Under The Lake was surprising, in that it concluded with yet another welcome cliffhanger; following the opening Dalek 2 parter. After season 8’s, poor and stuttering one-story format. And of this is to become a feature of season 9. Then … Continue reading

NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “Into The Dalek” – 2/13 – S8 – (Spoilers!)

After last week’s confused and complicated opener “Deep Breath” review here, Who went back to basics with a straight Sci-Fi Dalek tinged spectacular and for the most part – it worked. By taking something staid and boring, like the Daleks … Continue reading

All Of Jon Pertwee’s Episodes Reviewed On Old Doctor Who!

Old Doctor Who have now finished reviewing all of the Jon Pertwee Who’s in the episodes section. Pertwee’s era can be best described as a meteoric shift in the show’s fortunes, outlook and more importantly – was the era which … Continue reading

All Of Tom Baker’s Episodes Reviewed On Old Doctor Who!

Old Doctor Who have now finished reviewing all of Tom Baker – Fourth Doctor episodes, in the episodes section. It’s odd to think looking back now. That when Tom Baker was confirmed as the Fourth Doctor, to replace outgoing Third … Continue reading

All Of Sylvester McCoy’s Episodes Reviewed On Old Doctor Who!

sylvester mccoy doctor who

My attempt to chronicle every episode of Old Doctor Who is finally bearing fruit on my side project Old Doctor Who. Apart from a scattering of reviews on each Doctor’s review pages. We have now completed all of the Seventh … Continue reading

NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Name Of The Doctor” – S7 – E14/16 – 50th Anniversary Special – (Spoilers!)

So we finally get to the endgame for this season of Who. Hot topic on everyones lips was; the Doctor’s ‘real’ name and who or what is Clara? The episode began with a clever montage of Clara appearing at intervals … Continue reading

NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “Nightmare In Silver” – S7 – E13/16 – (Spoilers!)

Another filler epi tonight, before next weeks season wrap up and hopefully some Clara origin related answers will be forthcoming. Before then the Doctor took Clara and the two annoying children Clara babysits – Angie & Artie, into the far … Continue reading

Star Trek : Catspaw – The Witching Hour Is Upon Us!

The witching season is upon us and this would be good time to revisit a Classic episode of Star Trek : Catspaw broadcast on 27 October 1967. It was the one and only time Original Trek did a seasonal episode. … Continue reading

Red Dwarf X – Episode 2 – “Fathers And Suns”

Tonights Red Dwarf had Lister having a heart to heart with his “dad” and the crews attempt to install a new computer system with disasterous results. Lister’s was undertaking his annual Fathers Day ritual; making himself a fathers day card … Continue reading