New Addition To Classic Retro Gaming : Road Rash

roadrash amiga loading screen

Road Rash was on of those one off games which took a classic motorcycle simulation such as Super Hang-On or Pole Position and then added a twist to it : the ability to remove your opponents from the track with … Continue reading

New Classic Gamer Profile Added : Resident Evil Remake – 2002 – Gamecube


It is rare for a game to be a classic hit – twice, encompassing the 1996 original and the 2002 remake. Resi managed it though, a flagship game on the Gamecube, for a seriously underrated machine which never quite hit … Continue reading

Oh Mummy! Another new entry to the Classic Retro Gaming Section!

oh mummy archeology scroll key tomb 1984 amsoft

Another new entry to the Classic Retro Gaming Section, the Amstrad game : Oh Mummy. This game was a highlight of my youth on the Amstrad Home Computer in the mid 80’s. I would have all but forgotten about this … Continue reading

Review: The Thing Prequel (Spoilers)

Watched the Thing Prequel last night. It has been out in the US since end of October but has just opened in the UK. Directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton. First off, … Continue reading

Doesn’t Exist But I Still Want It : No 3 – Domination Video Game From Never Say Never Again

“….The game is called Domination. I designed it myself. But my problem is, I’ve never yet found a worthy adversary.” Many criticism have been levelled at the odd-one-out, black sheep of the Bond family Never Say Never Again – 1983, … Continue reading