New Addition To Classic Retro Gaming : Road Rash

roadrash amiga loading screen

Road Rash was on of those one off games which took a classic motorcycle simulation such as Super Hang-On or Pole Position and then added a twist to it : the ability to remove your opponents from the track with … Continue reading

New Classic Gamer Profile Added : Resident Evil Remake – 2002 – Gamecube


It is rare for a game to be a classic hit – twice, encompassing the 1996 original and the 2002 remake. Resi managed it though, a flagship game on the Gamecube, for a seriously underrated machine which never quite hit … Continue reading

Happy First Birthday To The Spaceman

Spaceman Central celebrates its first birthday today, having been one year exactly since it was born. In the year since the website started, Jim Templeton the man who took the famous Solway Firth / Cumberland Spaceman photo, died aged 91 … Continue reading

A New Classic Retro Gaming Profile : Dune

dune 1992 virgin games pc worm

Its been a while since my last postings, so I thought I would explode back on the scene with a new Classic Retro Gaming review on one of my all time favourite strategy games : Dune. 20 years old this … Continue reading

So What Was The Secret Of The Successful Monkey Island Games?

Monkey Island Guybrush Threepwood meathook chronedome Melee Island Lucasfilm

Ok, I have finally gotten round to writing a nostalgic blast on possibly my favourite games of all time; Monkey Island 1 & 2 – by Lucas Arts. These two games were spectacular when they came out and more importantly, … Continue reading

Sony Network outage

So, Sony have been party to a massive outage of their online gaming services for the last week and won’t have things up till next week. Apart from the lack of credible info into whats going on most PS gamers … Continue reading