CEE-ya (fax) Teletext!

Sad news as good ole Teletext Ceefax service is finally switched off tonight, after 38 years. First broadcast in 1974, with its blocky graphics and simple interface, Teletext was one of those early morning preserves of the terminally insomniac and … Continue reading

St George -v- A Bank Holiday Off

Another St Georges Day comes and goes, I for one would be glad of a bank holiday on the day of all things English. We don’t celebrate St Georges Day, not like the Scottish celebrate St Andrews day or the … Continue reading

Easter, Religious Artifacts, Turin Shroud & The Holy Thorn Tree

Happy Easter to all and sundry as we celebrate the murder and resurrection of the Lord Almighty’s son – Jesus. Whilst I am not particularly religious, I have always been happy for the time off work and  fascinated by the … Continue reading