Doctor Who Actress Caroline John Dies

Doctor Who actress Caroline John has died at the age of 71. She was a well travelled character actress but was perhaps best known for playing the Third Doctor’s assistant: Liz Shaw in 4 adventures alongside newly regenerated third Doctor … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Tom Baker

Tom Baker turns 78 today. Tom – arguably the greatest Doctor. Played incarnation no.4, from 1974 until 1981. Tom is the oldest living Doctor, a distinction held by Jon Pertwee, until his death in 1996. With the 50th anniversary around … Continue reading

Buddy! Didn’t You Just Draw The Short Straw Award – No.1 – Commander Sonak

golden short straw award

This first award in this new series goes to Star Trek Vulcan Science officer never-to-be Commander Sonak. Who? You might ask. Sonak? Don’t you mean Spock? Hell no! Before Nimoy agreed to return as Spock and the Motion Picture was … Continue reading