NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Magician’s Apprentice” & “The Witch’s Familiar” – S9 – E1&2/13 (Spoilers)

Riffing heavily on Genesis Of The Daleks/Tom Baker’s “Do I Have The Right…!” speech, The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar explored the idea of terminating a child. If that child was to grow up and become a despot, classic … Continue reading

NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “In the Forest of the Night” – S8 – E10/13 – (Spoilers!)

Another poor filler from Nu Who this week, with In The Forest Of The Night and whilst it wasn’t Kill The Moon bad. It was pretty bad. Luckliy, there was no Iggle-Piggle or Tongli-boos popping up in the Night Forest. … Continue reading

NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Caretaker” – S8 – E6/13 – (Spoilers!)

I had the misfortune, to read a less-than-flattering Independent review of The Caretaker. Which did influence my mood prior to watching it. The review stated that it was a; “bland Earth-based adventure [which] fails to excite!”. However, I thought this … Continue reading

NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis” – S7 – E11/15 – (Spoilers!)

‘Don’t get into a spaceship with a madman!’ the Doctor retorted, but we did – as this weeks episode was set in the Tardis. The title had to be a play on the classic b-movie of old: ‘Journey To The … Continue reading

NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Bells Of St. John” – S7 – E7/16 – (Spoilers)

Who came back from its mid season hiatus with the continuing part of this latest season. Following the Xmas Special, the Doctor was on the hunt for Clara. We came in for a mention aswell, with the Doctor taking some … Continue reading

New Series Of Doctor Who/50th Anniversary In 3D

A newly released promotional image for Doctor Who, gives away more potential clues about whats coming in the (second half) of the latest series – than at first glance. The image, which features Matt Smith and new assistant Jenna-Louise Coleman … Continue reading