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Ice Warriors Return To Doctor Who Series 7

Classic villains turned galaxy protectors : The Ice Warriors have been hinted as returning to Doctor Who - series 7.

The classic martian villain's haven't appeared in Doctor Who, since the Third Doctor's - Jon Pertwee adventure : The Monster Of Peladon - 1975. At this rate, with new Who going through the monster back … Continue Reading ››

Doctor Who Series 7 Filming Begins

The cast and crew of Doctor Who will be converging their time streams on Cardiff tomorrow (20th Feb) as filming of the new series of Doctor Who gets underway.

Typically, everyone is remaining tight lipped about what series 7 will bring, the only thing we do know is that Rory and Amy (Arthur Darvill … Continue Reading ››
Doctor Who and daleks 1965 movie Peter Cushing Roy Castle

New Update To Classic Doctor Who : Davros & The Dalek’s Profile

I've added a new profile to olddoctorwho.com - Classic Doctor Who section for Davros & The Daleks.

This is the first of a new subsection covering all of the relevant monsters in the Who universe. The Dalek's, although somewhat falling out of favour in these latter years, (partly down in the new series due … Continue Reading ››