NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “Listen” – S8 – E4/13 – (Spoilers!)

After last week’s appalling Robot Of Sherwood, Who went and pulled it out of the bag with the best episode of season 8 – so far (and the most terrifying) with – Listen. After some deduced reasoning, about how creatures … Continue reading

BEW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Day Of The Doctor” – S7 – E15/16 – 50th Anniversary Special – (Spoilers!)

Before I begin looking at this I just want to lay something down. Viewers of this special can be largely sorted into 2 camps; those who want to see a nod to the remaining living classic Doctors or those who … Continue reading

HAWKING BOT – Reviews : Superman 4 – (The Quest For Peace) – 1987

Hawking Bot movie reviews - classics, remakes and rehashes.

“I can only assume you hid a sample of DNA aboard one of the missiles I hurled into the sun!” Supes deduces. Lex Luthor – a scientist after my own heart, who didn’t allow his consciousness or morality to get … Continue reading

HAWKING BOT – REVIEWS : Predators – 2010 Review

Hawking Bot movie reviews - classics, remakes and rehashes.

The probability of a sequential event or coincidence is near impossible. But then again, watching 2010’s Predators gives Hawking Bot a bad case of Deja Vu. Lets Discover why, with a review of the film. Find out here : Click … Continue reading

NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Angels Take Manhattan” – S7 – E5/16 – (Spoilers!)

Tonights Who marked the return of Riversong and the departure of Roramy, set against a New York backdrop and a city full of Weeping Angels. Wiling away the hours in New York’s Central Park, the Doctor and Roramy realise the … Continue reading

Remo – The Adventure Which Never Got Started

When you think of the 1980’s, a plethora of classic movies spring to mind. Robocop, Predator, Blues Brothers, Aliens, Roadhouse, Commando, Rambo – to name but a few. An unlikely pretender to this crown, is a little known Fred Ward … Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises …. And Rises! Spoilers!

I went to see Dark Knight Rises tonight at the flicks and despite some reports to the contrary, I thought it was a pretty fitting end to the Batman story, weighing in at a whopping great 246 minutes! It has … Continue reading

The great Galaxy S3 IPhone 4S New Contract Conundrum

My mobile contract is up very soon and as with anyone upgrading their contract, I am looking at the two leading mobile devices at the moment – Samsung Galaxy S3 & IPhone 4S. My mobile provider; Vodafone, have offered me … Continue reading