New Star Trek Movie : Red shirts and red herrings!

Watching the recent trailer for Star Trek : Into Darkness got my juices flowing (somewhat) with the promise of a new Star Trek film which will finally begin without having to spend the first hour setting up the characters, situation … Continue reading

The Hobbit : An Unexpected Trilogy – Preview

The new hobbit film is out soon, directed by Peter Jackson and all LOTR fans are on standby for another Middle Earth fix. In common with most blockbuster franchises, they have gone back to the roots with a prequel, which … Continue reading

Bond Skyfall Theme & The 50 Year Legacy

Its 50 years exactly since we first met a broody Sean Connery sitting at a casino poker table smoking in Dr No – 1962. To coincide with this anniversary, today marks the release of the up-and -coming new Bond movie … Continue reading