WHO REVUE : “Flatline” – S8 – E9/12 – (Spoilers!)


Who did a ‘Banksy’ (graffiti artist) – style Earth invasion tale. Set in Banksy’s spiritual home; Bristol, this week. With a role-reversal for Clara and the Doctor. The central premise, of an alien lifeform killing people in the “Fourth dimension”; … Continue reading

WHO REVUE : “Mummy On the Orient Express” – S8 – E8/12 – (Spoilers!)


Back on steadier ground this week, with a much more straight-forward and less grandiose Who mystery; Mummy On The Orient Express. This week, melding 1920’s opulence with sci-fi tech Who featured; a duplicate of the Orient Express Train in space, … Continue reading

WHO REVUE : “The Caretaker” – S8 – E6/12 – (Spoilers!)


I had the misfortune, to accidentally read a less-than-flattering Independent review of The Caretaker. Which did influence my mood prior to watching it. The review stated that it was a; “bland Earth-based adventure [which] fails to excite!”. However, I thought … Continue reading

WHO REVUE : “Listen” – S8 – E4/12 – (Spoilers!)


After last week’s appalling Robot Of Sherwood, Who went and pulled it out of the bag with the best episode of season 8 – so far (and the most terrifying) with – Listen. After some deduced reasoning, about how creatures … Continue reading

WHO REVUE : “Into The Dalek” – 2/12 – S8 – (Spoilers!)


After last week’s confused and complicated opener “Deep Breath” review here, Who went back to basics with a straight Sci-Fi Dalek tinged spectacular and for the most part – it worked. By taking something staid and boring, like the Daleks … Continue reading