NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “Time Heist” – S8 – E5/13 – (Spoilers!)

After last week’s season [potential] definer; Listen. What could Who throw out of the bag this week? Answer : Time Heist Time Heist was a complete change in gear up, from the slow plodding psychological horror of Listen – to … Continue reading

New Series Of Doctor Who/50th Anniversary In 3D

A newly released promotional image for Doctor Who, gives away more potential clues about whats coming in the (second half) of the latest series – than at first glance. The image, which features Matt Smith and new assistant Jenna-Louise Coleman … Continue reading

Red Dwarf X – Episode 2 – “Fathers And Suns”

Tonights Red Dwarf had Lister having a heart to heart with his “dad” and the crews attempt to install a new computer system with disasterous results. Lister’s was undertaking his annual Fathers Day ritual; making himself a fathers day card … Continue reading