The Federation Between Doctor Who & Star Trek

star trek tos mirror mirror

Original Star Trek and Doctor Who are 2 completely separate franchises which exist in different universes and couldn’t be further removed from each other. However, both have shared some striking similarities over the years. One might even say that the … Continue reading

Han Solo Is Back!

Harrison Ford has signed on to appear in Star Wars VII reprising the role of everyone’s favourite space pirate; Han Solo. This now confirms the notion that the new Disney produced Star Wars films will follow post Return Of The … Continue reading

New Star Trek Movie : Red shirts and red herrings!

Watching the recent trailer for Star Trek : Into Darkness got my juices flowing (somewhat) with the promise of a new Star Trek film which will finally begin without having to spend the first hour setting up the characters, situation … Continue reading

Star Trek : Catspaw – The Witching Hour Is Upon Us!

The witching season is upon us and this would be good time to revisit a Classic episode of Star Trek : Catspaw broadcast on 27 October 1967. It was the one and only time Original Trek did a seasonal episode. … Continue reading

Lamest Time Travelling Sequel’s

With Men In Black III about to land on us with its time travelling twist, the Spaceman looks into the past of sucky time travel themed sequels. I liked the first Men In Black – 1997 (MIB), especially Vincent D’Onorfio … Continue reading

Cumberbatch & Clarke In Star Trek XII

The BBC has confirmed that Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch (and ex-Doctor Who contender) is attached to the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. The new Trek film, which is out next year, will also feature actor – Noel Clarke, who … Continue reading

Chekov Classic Trek Profile? Why That Is A Russian Invention….!

chekov wig oddbod carry screaming star trek tos

Nearly there with the Classic Star Trek profiles. New profile added for Pavel Chekov – played by Walter Koenig, the young 20-something Russian helmsmen. Chekov didn’t join Trek till the second season and would give Kirk a bit of competition … Continue reading