NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis” – S7 – E11/15 – (Spoilers!)

‘Don’t get into a spaceship with a madman!’ the Doctor retorted, but we did – as this weeks episode was set in the Tardis. The title had to be a play on the classic b-movie of old: ‘Journey To The … Continue reading

NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Snowmen” – S7 – E6/16 – 2012 Xmas Special – (Spoilers!)

Last nights Who was another attempt at the snowy Victorian carol scenario, which we have previously had in – 2008’s special’s : ‘The Two Doctor’s’ and 2010’s ‘A Christmas Carol’. Intelligent alien snow was invading the Victorian era, being helped … Continue reading

New Classic Doctor Who Profile : The Master

All eight Classic Doctor Who's

Was the Doctor and he actually related? They were certainly friends before the Master set off down the dark path and it was definately hinted at…. In many ways he was the ultimate Doctor Who baddie, as he was the … Continue reading