HAWKING BOT – Reviews : Superman 4 – (The Quest For Peace) – 1987

Hawking Bot movie reviews - classics, remakes and rehashes.

“I can only assume you hid a sample of DNA aboard one of the missiles I hurled into the sun!” Supes deduces. Lex Luthor – a scientist after my own heart, who didn’t allow his consciousness or morality to get … Continue reading

Hawking Bot : Dog Soldiers – 2002 Review

Hawking Bot movie reviews - classics, remakes and rehashes.

Whilst looking for the Hawking Bot Particle that holds all of modern cinema together. Hawking Bot relax’s with a under rated modern horror classic : Dog Soldiers (2002). Its all about Werewolves but there are no lovesick vampires in sight. … Continue reading

Youtube Overzealous Copyright Blocking On Mashup Vids And How Fair Use Can Help – Update

So a while ago I wrote an article about YouTube’s automated policing of videos and the barring of vids which may qualify as original works. I fell foul of this with my ReEDITamator. vids, which are mostly mash-up’s. What happens … Continue reading