The Hobbit : An Unexpected Trilogy – Preview

The new hobbit film is out soon, directed by Peter Jackson and all LOTR fans are on standby for another Middle Earth fix. In common with most blockbuster franchises, they have gone back to the roots with a prequel, which … Continue reading

Lake District Turned Down For World Heritage Status (Again)

The Lake District is again being pitched for a shot at World Heritage Site status, but has not been short listed. The Lake District, with 11 other locations were published by the Department for Culture, Media and Sports, last year. … Continue reading

Dr Brian Cox In Carlisle Hotel Teapot Smashing Realisation

dr brian cox carlisle hotel teapot rock n roll horror

Carlisle was placed again on the Rock ‘n’ Roll heritage map, after it was revealed that Professor Brian Cox OBE once threw a Teapot out of a Carlisle hotel window, whilst on tour with D:ream in the 90’s. Interviewed on … Continue reading

Kim Jong Il Is Dead, Long Live The King

There are many unanswered questions around Kim Jong Il’s sudden death. Firstly, whether his son Kim Jong Un will take North Korea in a new direction or more of the same for the Militarily ruled Dictatorship. Secondly, who is Kim … Continue reading